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About Sun Valley PID

PID stands for Property Improvement District. A PID is a public entity administered by the City of Fort Worth, by resolution,  for improvements, projects and special supplemental services over and above those normally provided by the city. Public Improvement Districts provide a development tool that allocates costs according to the benefits received. In time of declining city revenues, a PID can provide a means to fund supplemental services and improvements to meet community needs which could not otherwise be constructed or provided and be paid by those who most benefit from them.



Where is PID 15?

The Sun Valley Industrial Area  PID 15 is bordered on the North by David Strickland Road, on the East by Loop 820, on the South by Redwood Dr. N and on the West by Maple Terrace E.  View map of PID 15

Why does PID 15 exist?

A PID is formed by petition of the property owners in the proposed district. It is a self-imposed tax to pay for enhanced services and/or improvements in the district that would benefit, not only the individual property owners, but also the entire neighborhood. PID 15 was formed with the stated purpose of addressing property crime and other obstacles to investment in the area.

What are the benefits of belonging to a PID?

The primary benefit is to provide the assurance of maintaining or increasing property values by a continually maintaining and improving the properties and their surroundings. When PID tax dollars are collected by the City of Fort Worth, they are earmarked for the PID. All that money is guaranteed to be spent within the PID district. Neighborhoods do not need to beg, fight and plead with the City every time they want money for services or an improvement to their neighborhood.

Who pays and how much does it cost?

All property owners within the district pay an annual assessment which is billed and collected by the Tarrant County Tax Office. The current PID assessment rate is $0.24 per $100 of assessed value. The budget submitted by the PID manager to the Fort Worth City Council is finalized annually based on the costs.

Who runs the PID?

The City of Fort Worth is ultimately responsible for the PID operations. However, Fort Worth contracts the PID management for the daily operations to a third party manager. The PID manager is responsible for supervising the contractors, preparing work summary reports, submitting annual budget and service plan, and addressing concerns raised by members of the district. The PID 15 District  Board will work with the PID manager to address concerns of district members. Contact Jack Thompson, the PID Manager, at

817-882-9601 or

Who represents the neighborhood?

The PID 15 District Board represents the neighborhood. PID 15 District Board Board Members

Important Documents

Meeting Details

Next Board Meeting to be held in January 2024
5112 Sun Valley Dr


September 2023 Meeting Minutes

April 2023 Meeting Minutes

February 2023 Meeting Minutes

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