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Report a Crime

If a crime occurred, you must file a police report. It is critical for the police to know what is happening. Too often FWPD is confronted by angry citizens complaining about an ongoing issue, yet none of them took the time to file a report. It only takes a minute to complete and will give the police the information they need to attempt to address the problem. Report a Crime by clicking here.

Remember: if you didn’t report it, it never happened

How you can help:

1. Report all thefts and all crimes via a police report
2. Report any code violations via code compliance report
3. Trust your instincts‐ report all suspicious persons or vehicles to the FWPD non-emergency number. You are not bothering them. FWPD wants to know about them. They are literally waiting for your call. Have a description and/or a license plate ready, but call as soon as possible 817‐335‐42222
4. Attend a crime watch meeting and meet your neighbors. Check the calendar for dates.

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